St. Elmo sunrise

You know you are privileged when you can fly away from cold and rainy October in Oslo and go out at 6am wearing shorts and a t-shirt, to spend the morning with your camera in hand. Last Sunday I woke up in Valetta, Malta, with a plan to shoot the sunrise at St. Elmo lighthouse. It was a good morning.

I arrived on Malta Saturday evening. The drive to the hotel was quick, but adrenaline filled. Those maniacs drive on the wrong side of the road! After helping me take an illegal turn to get in to the hotel car park, the concierge pointed out some stairs on a map. The stairs that could take me outside the city wall for a better view of the sunrise. A late dinner with colleagues, even later to bed, not enough sleep, and a quick walk through empty streets. At a little over 6am I found the stairs and stumbled my way down into the dark.

I didn’t know what to expect, and for some reason I was surpised there was people down there. I wonder why I was surprised. I was in the middle of a capital city and the sunrise was an hour away. Guess that’s what you get for being tired and thinking of nothing but yourself and the task at hand… It wasn’t crowded, though. A handfull of guys fishing, and a couple of fellow photographers, all strewn along several hundred meters of rocky shoreline.

Tried to figure out where the sun would rise. Secured my gorillapod to some railing. Took some test shots. Sat down to wait. And wait. And wait. Realized to late I was in the wrong spot for that lighthouse/sunrise shot. Started looking for something else to shoot. The fishermen to the rescue. As I said above, it was a good morning. See for yourself.


Christian’s Sunday morning catch, barracuda.


I had to go back the next morning to get that sunrise shot. Another early morning. This time in a hurry, to get back for breakfast and a seminar. A hurry I ignored for too long. I tend to do that when I’m out with my camera. That was a good morning too.


And to complete the picture, the sun setting before I had to go home.



Go to Malta. It was great.